Why unique property websites sell homes

How a unique property website can boost your marketing efforts

Unique property websites are gaining traction in the Australian property market as agents embrace new ways to sell to increasingly connected buyers.

It may not come as a surprise to many agents, but according to research conducted by Millward Brown and Domain.com.au, 92 per cent of real estate buyers turn to property-search websites when looking for a new home. However, according to the report, buyers in the 18-to-39 age bracket are increasingly relying on social media and mobile apps to power their property searches.

That’s created a tipping point for unique property websites as agents seek to ‘up’ their online game and create stunning property microsites that utilise multimedia worth sharing on social media – and beyond.

Here’s how to get the most out of your real estate websites and reap the benefits of unique property microsites.

Secure an exclusive selling environment

Using a unique property website takes your listing out of the rough-and-tumble world of property search engines and gives it a vanity URL. A dedicated microsite allows you to showcase the benefits of the property in an exclusive environment, away from competing listings and banner ads that threaten to steal your buyers’ attention.

Make the most of your multimedia

Buyers expect more than static photos and feature lists. A unique property website provides the ideal canvas to stretch your multimedia muscles with property videos, interactive floorplans and even 3D tours to create genuine ‘wow factor’ around your properties.

Boost your other marketing collateral

Adding a link to a property microsite to your brochures, flyers, signage and other listing formats will help you cut down on marketing copy and ad space, which will also decrease your costs. Consider using QR codes on your printed material so buyers can instantly access your microsite from their smartphones without the need to memorise URLs or phone numbers.

Harness the power of social media

According to research by realestate.com.au, 85 per cent of sellers who advertised their property did not use social media. That represents a huge untapped market, and with many unique property website templates geared to link with social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, a microsite gives you the content and posting power you need to make a shareable splash on social media.

Give your agency a traffic increase

Linking your unique property website back to your agency’s main real estate website will also help send new leads to your other properties and boost overall traffic coming into your main site. That’s great for building brand awareness – and your own profile. Buyers will also tend to send your microsite link to friends and family, which puts even more eyes on your brand.

Of course, unique property websites are not suited to every sale. Properties that lack visual appeal or need renovation work won’t necessarily lend themselves to a glossy website display. Instead, use unique property websites to build extra prestige around your luxury listings and elevate mid-market homes to the next level.

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