domain squatting personal name

As a professional it is important that you reserve and own your personal domain name.

Sometimes people may buy your personal domain name as they know that you will need to use it one day for your personal website, this may be legal in some countries but far from being ethical.

I know… it isn’t nice when someone owns your personal domain name especially if it’s not their name.

But don’t worry… in this tutorial we will guide you through the steps on how to reclaim your domain name back.
Note: This process may requires some effort but it’s worth it.

Someone owns my domain name what do i do ?

So you tried to buy your personal domain name and found out that it’s taken…ooops !

Here is a detailed guide on how to reclaim your domain name back:

Step 1 – Who owns my domain name ?

1. Go to:
2. In the search field enter the domain name you want to check
3. Now it will take you to a page with all the domains owner information
4. Look for the “Registrant Name” and “Registrant Phone”
5. Now you need to contact the domain owner and ask them to transfer the domain name to you.
6. If they agree please move to the next steps if not please contact us for further help.

Step 2 – Domain name ownership transfer

It will be best to create a new account with the same company the domain owner purchased your domain name. For instance if they purchased your domain through godaddy then you will need to create an account with godaddy.

Please follow the detailed steps below for creating an account:

Creating an account:

1. Go to
2. Click on the ‘Items’ tab at the top
3. Click on ‘New Customer’
4. Fill out your details and keep your login details for your reference

Filling out the domain transfer PDF form:

You and the domain owner need to fill out the attached PDF.

1. Send the domain owner the attached PDF and ask them to fill out the ‘Current Owner’ section and send it back to you followed by their ID scanned.
2. Once they send the PDF back to you with their section filled you will need to fill out the ‘New Owner’ section and scan your ID as well.
3. Now that you have the PDF completed and both ID’s scanned you are ready to send it to crazy domains.
4. Email the PDF document followed by the scanned ID’s to
5. Email Subject should be: COO Request

Note: Crazydomains charges $99 for extensions transfers so make sure that current domain owners pays for that fee.

Creating an account:

1. Go to
2. Create an account and keep your customer reference number and email you signed up with.
3. Send the domain owner your customer reference number and email you registered with.

Details for domain owner:

1. Domain owner then needs to login in to his account
2. Click on domains
3. Click on the ‘Mange’ button of that domain name
4. Click on ‘Account Change’ button
5. Enter your email address
6. Tick ‘I have the recipient customer number’
7. Enter your customer reference number
8.Select ‘Use details from specified customer account’